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Wedding Photography

Relaxed. Creative. Beautiful.

Hey, I'm Naomi, the photographer behind Lush Imaging. I spend the majority of my time photographing couples who are crazy in love, in a fun & beautiful way & I can't think of anything better.

I shoot mainly reportage with a smattering of creative. So all that means is it is mainly all very natural photography, documenting your day and I direct a bit when it comes to your couple shots or giving you that wow image to get on the wall. No bossing you about, no awkward posing and definitely no cheese!

The moments that whizz by in a wonderful bubble of love and awesomeness, I want to capture it for you, so you have it forever. All those emotions, all those belly laughs, all that nervous fidgeting, it's all the little things that makes your day unique.

I'm based in the South West, in the Cotswolds but shoot all over the UK and Italy.

Thanks for stopping by the site, there's lots of info and images here but I'm always about if you need any questions answering or you want to pick my brains on something!