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There are Albums… then there are Folio Albums.

If you’re here, then you’ve probably already got your images back and are considering doing something beautiful with them. Albums are awesome! Seeing your images in print, well it still gets me giddy.
folio albums colours

I use a company called Folio, they’re UK based and use all delights of beautiful things. Watch the video, they totally explain it better than I can.

Albums are wonderful keepsakes you can pick up and go back to when the world is being all hectic around you. No Laptops/screens/phones/TV’s, just a beautiful, tangible book of the most fabulous day of your life with all those people you love! (*sniff, I love a wedding!) . Albums aren’t something you’ll look at everyday but you’ll cherish it forever.

I’ve tried to make the selection quite simple but if you think you’d like something different or bespoke, just drop me an email:

Folio Albums, they’re all square and I offer either a Contemporary Leather or Fabric Cover. I supply the albums in two sizes, 10×10″ or 12×12″ (Parent albums of 6×6″ are available in addition to a main album being ordered). You have an option of an 80 image album or 100 images.

You choose which images you would like included and I will put it together for you. If you can highlight a few that you really love, I’ll make sure they’re more prominent.

When you give me your album choice (either screen dump the folder you’ve got your chosen ones in or give me the file names) also let me know, what cover you would like, what type face and what you would like written on the front. That would be marvellous.

example of a folio album

All options for covers, colours, fonts and presentation options are all here:


Font & Personalisation (all included. 22 carat gold is extra.)

Boxes & covers

Once I’ve finished designing the album, I will send you a link to an online preview, which looks like this:

album designer, online preview. There you can let me know if something is really bugging you or just give me the thumbs up so I can send it to Folio. Physically printing and making the album can take anything from 4-8weeks at Folio.

When the album is sent back, I’ll check it over and email you with the super exciting news and expect to hear screeching tyres to collect or I can post out for £15.



10×10″ – (a.) (80 images, 15 spreads) £450 (b.) (100 images, 20 spreads) £500

12×12″ –  (c.) (80 images, 15 spreads) £500 (d.)  (100 images, 20 spreads) £550

6×6″ Parent Albums  Little replica’s of the main album (if main album is 15 spreads) £140 (if main is 20 spreads) £160

(2 x 6×6″(15 spreads) £220)

(2 x 6×6″ (20 spreads) £250)

Just to show you an example:

example of 10x10 and 6x6 folio album


Cotton Bag – Included

Handmade Summer Spray or Rose Bud Cotton Cover – £ 45

Handmade & Personalised Bamboo Box – £200

examples of covers for Folio Albumssummer breeze album cover at FolioSummer Breeze album cover at FolioBamboo Box open for Folio AlbumsBamboo box closed for folio album

Time Lines

Getting my couples their images back is always first in my work flow, so albums tend to work around that and then they will be first come, first served basis. If you need specific times, make sure you get all your information to me as soon as possible. I do offer a fast track, 2 working day design turnaround for £75* if there is something urgent. *This only applies for albums ordered between July-Oct

OK OK, I really want one, what do I do next!?

So, contact me first and we’ll sort out payment. Sort out how many images you’d like to include, either 80 or 100 (less is generally more with this. I know it feels like a mammoth task to knock it down but it’s definitely worth have absolute favs!), put them in a separate folder and either send me a screen dump of that or write the file names down for me, let me know your cover choice, font, how it’s written and what is written and finally, when you get your album designer link, make sure to give it a look and get back to me and I can finalise order. Sit back and get excited 🙂