Story Telling Images. Pain free. No cheese

You’ve spent hours prepping, planning and thinking about your day. You’re in your dress. In your suit.

You step outside and all you see around you are the faces of the people you love. All those favourite people who have made you two who you are, in one location. This day is AWESOM. If it consists of 2 people or 200, I can’t tell you how wonderful that can feel. And it’s your day. It’s your story. I just want you to love your day and leave the photography and memories to me.

I shoot 90% documentary (with 10% other bits). We can definitely do some groups shots, it’s just about finding that right balance so you’re not missing out on anything, still have the shots to keep Nan happy and not miss out on those canapés. The rest are natural actions, natural emotions. A document of your day as it happened with a few creative and beautiful portraits of the two of you.

I’ve been called a photography ninja (which I do kinda like!) but I’m not into staying in the shadows with a long lens. I’m basically like another guest but the one who is there to make sure you have the most amazing memories captured. So I wont fade into the background but you wont really notice me either. And one thing I TOTALLY guarantee you, is that your images are as important to me as they are to you.

I start a couple of hours before your ceremony to capture all the little snippets and the bustle of the morning prep (one of my most favourite bits of our wedding!) and I like to stay till after the first dance to see what happens on the dance floor and the craziness of when you get all your friends and family together. I don’t set times to pack up,  but there will just come a point that feels right.

When it’s all been done and you’re back to normality (boo!), I want you to walk away with a little time machine in photo format. Because I shoot predominately documentary style, you’ll be able to relive it and feel how it felt to be there. That quick look, that deep breath, that tight hand hold, that super long hug from your best mate, the love, the fun. It’s all those snippets that are gone in a flash, but that’s the wonder of your images. When you see them, my aim is for you to laugh a little and cry a little … and ideally, at the same time.

I’m proud to say that I’m also happily low maintenance! Plans will change, the weather has its own agenda and things will just happen and there is a part of me that absolutely loves that. I spent 6yrs photographing in a very busy portrait studio and learnt the invaluable skill of thinking on my feet, so I’m pretty unfazeable! I’m incredibly passionate about this job and if this sounds your sort of style then I would love to hear from you.

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group shot in the rain at kingscote barn

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