Indian Fusion Wedding at Elmore Court, Gloucestershire.

Gorgeous day in April. Spring is definitely springing at the awesome Elmore Court, everything is in blossom and the sun is shining. In photography bliss right now. Helped out by the very lovely Mrs Mashup, as I feel this maybe a big one to capture.

I am so blooming excited to show the images from Tashfin and Pooja’s day. I’m going to jump straight to the point and say…Pooja’s Dress… Oh my goodness. Designed by a very famous Indian designer, Sabyasachi Mukherji. When you get to a shot of it, just take your time, it’s so worth it! The layers in the skirt, the detail in the jacket, it was just gorgeous. For me, that was enough, there was so much going on…until she put on her mums emerald necklace. It was just such a beautiful combination.

The whole day was incredible… full on but incredible!!. So colourful both visually and in spirit and an absolute dream to shoot (and I learnt that all the ladies are called ‘Auntie’! I’m so pleased that was clarified to me early on as I was definitely struggling with the family links!). With 150 guests, the Gillyflower at Elmore was buzzing with noise and the most incredible curry I’ve ever tasted. Apparently Pooja’s family secret recipe, the best aubergine curry…fact!

T&P are so clearly made for each other. Away from all the eyes of the guests, just getting them alone together, I feel like they’re teenagers together. Totally how it should be 😍

Some of the fab suppliers too! Flowers: Stephanie Saunders, Mens Suits: Reiss, Cake: Vanilla Pod, Band: Bloc of The Wall

Please do leave me any feedback, its always lovely to hear what you think and if you’re planning a relaxed Indian fusion wedding, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read the blog. Naomi x

“Thank you so much for our amazing photographs!! They are absolutely beautiful and we could not be happier! I just love the video and have watched it a million times! You’ve captured the day beautifully  from beginning to end, and you’ve made Tash and I look lovely!  You were so wonderful to work with on the day and made us feel completely at ease. <3”