I feel like it’s been a life time ago since I shot a Matara Wedding! Based in Tetbury and its so lovely to be back (especially as I know their mushroom parpadelle is on the menu!). If you’re still looking for your venue and you want something a bit quirky and different from the usual barn, its a great spot. Its in the heart of the Cotswolds, so makes a good destination for anyone travelling in.

Katie & Sceaf booked in the diary pretty late on. But to be honest, the diary is so much like a work of art since 2019, that I guess, there is no ‘norm’ for the moment! Originally having their wedding booked for sunny Portugal, a few virus surges and travel bans later, plans changed and they found a gap at Matara for May, and jumped on it. I think like a lot of couples who have moved and moved dates again, they just got to the point when they will have an awesome time, whatever the restrictions happen to be at the time. They just want to get on with life, which for the guys means a move to Taiwan for a new job. So lets just get this show on the road!

Matara for me, always means amongst other things…incredible wedding dress sense and these two were no different. Sceaf’s suit was made by and had matching face mask and ring for the day! and was only outshone by Katies beautifully classic lines that could be none other than

Also, a further highlight to the day was the cake was made by Sceaf. That grooms a keeper right!

If you’re planning a fab Matara Wedding and would like to know more about how I work, just drop me a line and I’d love to hear your plans. Thanks so much for reading, Naomi x

‘Firstly, thank you so so much! These photos are absolutely gorgeous! We’re both pretty camera shy (me especially) but there are so many here that we’d happily frame of us! We’ve gone through the album many times, feeling like we’re reliving the day – magical! We knew you were the right choice for us!

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