Vintage VW’s & a stint on TV at Cripps Stone Barn.

Billy & Becky’s Stone Barn wedding was just lush, its an awesome venue, just on the borders of Oxfordshire and Glos. I tell you, we’re pretty blessed in The Cotswolds with venues, but a Stone Barn Wedding is definitely one of my favourites. In the middle of nowhere and its a venue you dont really need to do anything too, fairy lights and beams galore! Part of a bigger group Cripps & Co, and out of all that I shoot at, it just has such a relaxed vibe. Nothing is a problem, the food is awesome (feck, that food is good!) and you don’t feel part of a machine like you can at some other places. All in all, well worth a visit if you’re looking to get hitched and just want something relaxed.

Anyway, B&B. Actually, downside to Stone is there’s no accommodation, but B&B booked out several rooms at The De Vere Water park, which is literally 20 mins away but meant that everyone could stay together. Never heard of it before but yeah, pretty nice! They sorted out a bus for all the guests and Becky had a vintage Beetle…there was nearly a vintage camper too but it didn’t make it past Swindon.

29th March, should have been Brexit day, so Chanel 4’s ‘The Last Leg’ (geez, am I showing my age there? is that ALL 4???) had a big party planned. Long story short, it didn’t happen, so looking for alternative celebrations that they could televise, Becky had tweeted in about their wedding, a week prior. So 22:30 came with a live link up to the studio! Haha, the poor guy trying to organise 100 drunk people to ‘shhhh’, was a pretty admirable feat.

Also, on my bid to help with suppliers, these guys had THE most incredible band and pianist. I feel very blessed to ‘work’ with people like this, check out this guy’s work: Carl Sinclair .Other massive talents on this one were: Dress Designer: Rosa Clara, Dress Boutique: The Bridal Boutique Warwickshire, M.U.A: Holly Preston, Hair: Same, Mens Suits: Marc Darcy, Bridesmaids Dresses: Phase Eight, Florists: Go Wild Flowers, Harpist: Jemima Philips, Light Up Letters: Major Entertainment

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