Photography at a Swallows Nest Barn Wedding…

Francesco, Frankie (nice Italian boy!) & Amy got married last summer at Swallows Nest Barn, which is a fab 19th Century red bricked barn with fields all around, on a working family Farm. Perfect.

Amy just looked the height of elegance. Her hair, by Sarah from Bella Diva and dress combo (OMG that dress!) from Cotswold Frock Shop in Stow (t’was a Mori Lee), were just beautiful and this girl did not stop having a blast. Together, their love was just infectious and even though this wedding was a few months back now, just seeing the images of them together, just makes me smile as they were such a lush couple to be around!

Frankie and the boys, as quite often, really don’t want anything too traditional, their suits came from Henley House.

Other heads up to Danni Smith from The Make Up Spot for Amy & her mum’s make up. Allison Parry (Spin Spin Sugar for the incredible naked cake! It had to be my favourite of 2016. So cool and apparently they got to try lots of different cakes before hand with tea…one of the many reasons I miss being engaged!

Amy’s friend did the bouquets and button holes and her mum did the Church and barn #skills

If you’re planning a wedding at Swallows Nest Barn Wedding, then I would LOVE to hear about it!

A massive thank you to Frankie, Amy and their fab friends and family for making me feel so welcome, looking after me so well (Thank you Swallows Nest for my 3 amazing pies!!!!) and for letting me be part of your day.

Naomi xxx

“OMG!!! That was absolutely perfect!! I can not wait to see the photos!! Just amazing – we have just watched it three times back to back immediately – we absolutely loved it – can’t stop smiling – thank you so much! You have captured our day perfectly.”




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